Cutting-edge technologies.
The best evolutive technologies associated with privacy by-design bedrock.
Only you and the people you are sharing with are able to view and decrypt your data. No body else, even us.

Only you can search an information. No body else, even us can know what your are searching for.
Client-Side Encryption
Everything - even file metadata and search indexer - gets encrypted on your device before it hits the YXALA secure cloud.

This ensure that no sensitive data could ever be intercepted, leaked or deciphered on the server, even by us.
Search Engine
Powerfull Search-Engine running on the client. Your queries never leave your device. This ensures the highest level of confidentiality while performing sub-second latency response.

The Search Engine decrypts your index on the fly, on client side. This ensures that only you have access to your search database.
Blind AI
Artificial Intelligence extracts meanfull information hidden in your files directly on your device. Your data are processed by the client without leaking any information to us or any third parties.

This ensure full privacy and confidentiality on your data while taking advantage of the most advanced technologies.
Devices synchronization
All your documents, metadata and search index are automatically synchronized across all your devices, smartphone, PC, laptop.

Any documents uploaded on YXALA secure cloud could be opened and searched from any of your devices.
YXALA makes blind artificial intelligence accessible to all by reimagining how data is privately stored, searchable, shareable and useful.
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